• GMP-Grade iPS Cell Line
    • Episomal Reprogramming From CD34+ Cord Blood
    • Matching Research iPSC Line is Available
    GMP-Grade iPS Cell Line


Our high-quality GMP-grade iPSCs (ASE-9280) were reprogrammed from CD34+ male cord blood using an episomal reprogramming method and have proven gene editing and differentiation capabilities. The ready-to-use ASE-9280 GMP line and matching research-grade iPSCs (ASE-9250) are available for purchase. Expedite your project timelines by placing your order today!

  • Source cell type: CD34+ Cord Blood, male
  • Reprogramming method: Episomal
  • Master cell bank or working cell bank available
  • Drug master file with US FDA
  • Matching Research iPSC Line is Available

Product QC:

  • Sterility/mycoplasma
  • Identity: SNP Trace
  • Pluripotency: image, AP stain, Oct4/TRA-1-60 stain, differentiation in vitro to 3 germ layers
  • Genetic stability: karyotyping by G-banding
  • Viability

If you currently don't have the capacity to store your cells or carry out your GMP project, let ASC's GMP experts handle your iPSCs. We offer complete cell banking services with 24/7 monitoring (Master Cell Bank and Working Cell Bank). Additionally, we can use TARGATT™  and/or CRISPR gene editing technologies to genetically modify your cells. We can even further differentiate your cells into various cell types (e.g.,  RPE cells, cardiomyocytes, astrocytes, HPCs, NK cells, and more). Visit our service page or contact us today to learn more.

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Case Studies

iPSC Characterization: Direct Differentiation to Three Germ Layers

Figure 1:  Direct differentiation of ASE-9280 GMP Grade iPSCs to three germ layers. Staining for lineage-specific biomarkers of three germ layers after direct differentiation of the GMP hiPSC line, ASE-9280. The ASE-9280 GMP hiPSC line was differentiated to specific lineages of the germ layers using well-established and optimized protocols. Immunostaining for biomarkers of each lineage was performed. Cells were also co-stained with nuclear marker, DAPI (blue). Biomarkers: Ectoderm (EC) marker: Pax6 (green) and Tuj1 (red); Mesoderm (ME) marker: Brachyury (red) and GATA-4 (green); Endoderm (EN) marker: Fox2A (red) and Sox-17 (green).