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    iPSC Sensory Neurons

Sensory Neuron Differentiation

Sensory neurons, or afferent neurons, play a significant role in the nervous system. They have the capacity to detect various forms of external stimuli and are responsible for converting that sensory input into signals that can move towards the central nervous system. At ASC, we can differentiate your healthy, diseased, or genetically engineered iPS cells into high-quality late-stage Tuji+ and Peripherin+ sensory neural progenitors. Our experts can help you avoid genetic variability through the development of isogenic neurons that can serve as physiologically relevant in vitro models in neural development or disorder studies. In just a few weeks, ASC delivers high-purity, ready-to-use iPSC-derived cells ideal for basic research, drug development, and possibly gene therapy projects.

  Sensory Progenitors
Biomarkers Tuji+

*Fast Turnaround: 4-6 weeks

Advantages of ASC's Comprehensive Standard & Custom Services for iPSC Sensory Neuron Differentiation:

  • Optimized differentiation protocols
  • Receive robust, mature sensory neurons
  • Cells express key sensory neuron-specific markers - Inquire
  • Differentiate from your healthy, disease or engineered iPSCs
    • Control “Master” iPSCs and iPSC Generation are available for deriving your control microglial lines
  • Fast turnaround time
  • GMP iPSC Differentiation Services Available >> Learn More 

Optional! Add-on our downstream, cell line validation and phenotype assessment assays for a complete and comprehensive cell line package.

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