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    NHP Cells & Hematologic Tissues

Non-Human Primate Cells & Hematologic Tissue Products

Non-human primate (NHP) cells and hematologic products are now available. Our non-human primate samples are collected from healthy Cynomolgus Macaques or Resus Macaques that are housed in the United States. All of our products come from NHPs that have tested negative for SIV, STLV, SRV, and Herpes B. These high-quality NHP products can be used in disease modeling, toxicity testing, or other areas of research. Applied StemCell provides full customer support from start to finish. You can schedule a consultation today to discuss specific project requirements with one of our experts. You can request an NHP donor of a specific gender or age, and you can reserve the Cynomologus or Rhesus monkey for the entire duration of your project. Contact us today to learn more.

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You can place your order on our easy-to-use website checkout portal or you can contact us today at 1-866-497-4180. We follow strict collection and on-site processing procedures, and we can deliver your cells the same day if you are located in the Bay Area. Overnight delivery is available for all other U.S. customers.




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All of our work is performed in the U.S., and we provide full post-sale support. Contact Us today to learn more.

NHP Product Shipping and Handling

Only U.S. shipping is available. Additional documentation, fees, and restrictions will be applied to these items. A permit may be required based on your research/institution. Please consult with our team of experts prior to purchasing the product.

Please take the appropriate precautions when handling the ASC NHP products. (Biological safety level 2 (BSL2) is recommended) Do not use sharps (needles/syringes) when working with the product.

Restricted Use

These products are for research use only and not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic

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