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    FFPE Cell Pellets

FFPE & Frozen Cell Pellet Blocks, Slides, Scrolls & Arrays

Applied StemCell has the capacity to produce custom formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) and frozen cell pellet blocks, slides, scrolls, and arrays that can be used as standard control materials in clinical reference standard evaluations; IVD assay development and submission; research assay generation; and biomarker discovery and validation. We are one of few providers that offer a fully customizable FFPE service and deliver thin, round cell pellets that maintain consistent densities throughout each section. Our flexible service platform allows you to provide cryopreserved or fresh cells; select a pellet shape, size, and density; and mix cell lines.  We can even work with you to develop custom fixation protocols if required for your research. Schedule your free consultation today to discuss your project with one of our expert scientists.

ASC Service Advantages

  • Multiple Formats: single pellet slides, pellet array slides, on-slide-control array, and FFPE scroll
  • Standard round pellets with thin, consistent density
  • Intra-block and Inter-block Consistency
  • Customizable: cell lines, fixation protocols, cell pellet size (2, 3, 7,10 mm), cell densities (1-90%), cell mixing, cell pellet array
  • 1 cell pellet = 200-250 sections that are 5 μm each
  • Fast turnaround

Customize Your Cell Pellet

Custom Fixation


Custom Cell Pellet Size

2, 3, 7, 10 mm

Custom Cell Density


Custom Mix

Varying, individual cell lines or Different cell types &  ratios  within one cell pellet core

Custom Cell Pellet Array

Cell Pellets or Cell Line + Tissue

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