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Motor/Cortical Neuron Differentiation

Motor Neurons, Cortical Neurons Differentiation Service from iPSCs

Motor neuron disease (MND) encompasses a variety of neurological disorders that affect motor neurons and therefore voluntary muscle movement, the most common of which are Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). MNDs involves neurodegeneration of spinal motor neurons and can eventually cause death. There is no cure or effective treatment for these diseases, and all treatment is only symptomatic or supportive. A serious bottleneck in identifying a cure, delaying disease progression or reversal of neuronal damage, is due to a lack of understanding of the disease, which in turn is due to a dearth of reliable source of functional disease models. The emergence of iPSC technology and its further differentiation into post-mitotic somatic cell lineage, especially that of neuronal lineage and motor neurons, has provided MND researchers with an unlimited supply of physiologically and phenotypically relevant in vitro disease models.

Applied StemCell provides fully customized service to differentiate your iPSCs into neural stem cells (NSCs) and further into motor neurons. We can derive motor neurons from control, disease, or engineered iPSCs. We will provide you with high purity, iPSC-derived motor neuron progenitors (MNPs) or functionally mature cells, including detailed maturation and maintenance protocols.

ASC can also differentiate iPSCs from various sources into cortical neurons which are ideal for modeling neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, autism, epilepsy and stroke. 

Motor Neurons / Cortical Neurons Differentiation Service

Service Time Deliverables
1. Recovery, Expansion and Validation of iPSCs/ESCs  2-3 weeks Biweekly updates throughout service
2. Progenitor Cell Differentiation (2-6 X10^6 Cells)  2-4 weeks  
3. Characterization of Progenitor Cells/ Differentiated Cells by ICC (per marker)  1 week  
4. Characterization of Progenitor Cells/ Differentiated Cells by Flow Cytometry Analysis (per marker)  1 week 1 x10^5 cells/vial

Markers can be chosen:

Cortical neurons: Tuj-1, Map2, vGlut1, NeuN

Motor neuron: HB9, Tuj-1, Map2, CHAT, NeuN

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