Knock In Mice, Genome Editing

  • Stem Cell Services

    • iPSC Generation from Patient Samples

      Make your own isogenic cell line! Six-step service for human iPSC generation with following choices of method: retrovirus vectors, mRNA or episomal vectors. This custom cell line generation service is available for other species.

    • Stem Cell Derivation

      Mouse embryonic stem cell (ESC) derivation service from any strain. We also derive isogenic cell lines from transgenic mice.
    • Teratoma Analysis, iPSC Characterization

      Services to identify and characterize Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) lines including teratoma analysis, embryoid body (EB) formation assay and pluripotency marker assay.

    • Neural Stem Cell Differentiation

      Service for ESC / iPSC differentiation into Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) , Motor Neurons and Glial Cells (Astrocytes and Oligodendrocytes).
    • Hepatocytes Differentiation

      Hepatocytes Differentiation Service from iPSC

    • Cardiomyocytes Differentiation

      Applied StemCell, Inc., provides a comprehensive range of service to differentiate iPSCs into cardiomyocyte and Hepatocytes (from healthy/ disease samples) including GMP grade iPS cells expansion and plating service.

    • Stem Cell Genome Editing

      Applied StemCell is excited to offer our new CRISPR/ Cas9 modified iPSC service that can be used for in vitro genetic disease modeling. Learn more here.

    • Safe Harbor Locus Master iPSC Genome Editing Service

      Site-specific genetic manipulation of our TARGATT™ human iPSC line.

    • Custom 3D iPSC Culture Services - Organoid Modeling

      3D iPSC Culture for customer’s control or patient-derived iPSC line: generate high purity, physiologically relevant 3D spheroids of your iPSC lines in a xeno-free, in vivo-like, nanopeptide, hydrogel MyEZGel™ matrix.

    • iPSC Culture Services

      Standard and customized cell culture services (FBS lot evaluation, mycoplasma testing, etc).

  • Neurotoxicity Testing

  • CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing

    • Cell Line Model Generation

      We offer full-service for gene editing in any mammalian cell and targeting any gene of interest. Our CRISPR cell line editing portfolio includes > 500 cell line models generated from > 100 distinct parental cell lines, including hard-to-transfect cell lines, hematopoietic/ blood lineage cell lines, cancer cell lines and stem cells.

    • Mouse Models

      Applied StemCell's comprehensive CRISPR mouse model generation service includes a broad range of gene modification portfolios suitable for all preclinical research applications, as well as phenotype analysis. Applied StemCell, Inc. has an AAALAC accredited animal facility and all mice and rats are generated within the USA.

    • Rat Models

      Applied StemCell offers full range of CRISPR/Cas9 engineered transgenic rat model generation service with a variety of genetic modifications suitable for all preclinical research applications, including research applications in the neuroscience and cancer space. All animal models are engineered in our US facility under strict regulatory protocols.

  • TARGATT™ Genome Editing

  • Lentivirus Stable Cell Line Generation Service

  • DNA Cloning / Virus Packaging Service

  • Bioproduction Services

    • CHO Cells

      Bioproduction CHO Cells - Site-specific transgene knock-in platform using TARGATT™ CHO Master Cell Lines.

    • Transgenic Animals - Rabbit

      Bioproduction in transgenic animals - Applied StemCell's animal bioproduction platform uses transgenic TARGATT™ Rabbit to express recombinant proteins with very high yield and consistency.

  • CRO Services

    • Drug Toxicity and Efficacy Testing

      Applied StemCell offers customized assay solutions for early, preclinical screening of potential drug candidates for safety and efficacy using custom in vitro disease models.

    • Custom In Vivo Assay Services

      Fully customizable platform for downstream assays in animal models

    • Cell Line Irradiation Service

      Custom Gamma (g)- irradiation service for human and animal cells lines.

    • Custom Services

      To speed up your research and development; we provide pre-clinical development services (CRO) and support. Our custom services will allow you to focus on the main aspects of your research while we develop the interim paradigms for you.