• Immunodeficient Mouse Models
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    Immunodeficient Mouse Models

Immunodeficient Mouse Models : M-NSG Mouse Models

Applied StemCell offers a variety of immunodeficient mouse models, including our proprietary M-NSG (NOD-scid: non-obese diabetic severe combined immune deficiency, gamma), RAG1, RAG2 knockout (KO) models and more. Our M-NSG mice lack mature T cells, B cells, and functional NK cells.

  • Highest degree of immunodeficiency
  • Excellent tumor xenograft (PDX & CDX) models with minimal immune rejection
  • Ideal recipient for human immune reconstitution (humanized mice). Ex. hPBMC/ hHSC engraftment
  • Applications include immuno-oncology, immunodeficiency, inflammation, transplantation and immune mechanism
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