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iPSC Generation Kit

Tailor-make your own iPSCs using Applied StemCell’s Human iPSC Reprogramming Kits:

(1) EZ-iPSC Generation Kit (Retrovirus Vector) (ASK-3012) – Generate pluripotent cell lines from a broad range of tissues and cell types using our well- characterized high efficiency protocol with our specially optimized VSV-G retroviral cocktail.

(2) EZ-iPSC Generation Kit (Episomal Vector) (ASK-3013) – For integration-free and footprint-free pluripotent cells, try our high efficiency reprogramming kit which uses our proprietary oriP/EBNA-1 episomal vector. The episomal kit does not need small molecules but gives you the flexibility to use feeder-free and feeder-based media.

Create your own iPS cells, to suit your specific needs, at all stages of your pluripotent stem cell research.

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Technical Details

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) are a type of pluripotent stem cells that are derived directly from terminally differentiated adult somatic cells which have been reprogrammed into a pluripotent state. These reprogrammed iPSCs exhibit morphological and functional similarities to embryonic stem cells (ESC) but bypass the ethical concerns and show promise in surmounting the disadvantages associated with developing ESCs for therapeutic purposes.

The Induced pluripotent stem cells have gained tremendous recognition as a game changer for the future of biotechnology and medicine. As researchers continue to further understand, refine and improve iPSC technology, it has already shown promise as a key player in disease modeling, drug development, regenerative medicine and patient specific therapy.

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Can these kits be used for reprogramming fibroblasts or other tissue from mice?