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Partnership and Licensing

TARGATT™ Partnership/Licensing Programs

Unlike commonly used gene editing methods, TARGATTTM technology enables site-specific integration of any gene of interest (GOI) up to 20kb at a pre-selected safe harbor locus with high efficiency. Single-copy integration of the GOI is facilitated by a unique integrase. Additionally, we have observed uniformed and medium to high levels of expression in iPS, HEK293, and CHO cells following stable insertion. 

Applied StemCell, Inc. (ASC) has exclusive rights for TARGATTTM  from Stanford University. Dr. Ruby Chen-Tsai, Ph.D., ASC’s President and CEO, and Dr. Alfonso Farruggio, Ph.D., Head of Research and Development, are co-inventors of the knock-in technology, TARGATTTM.  When you partner with ASC, you don’t have to worry about obtaining any additional licensing, and you will receive full support from the scientists who worked directly on developing the gene-editing system. Licensing and partnership opportunities are available for preclinical research, product development, and biotherapeutic development worldwide. 

TARGATT™ Partnership/Licensing Programs

Please contact us for more information about our efforts in these areas and about partnering/licensing opportunities.

Cell Therapy

  • TARGATT™-iPSCs for site-specific knock-in of any gene of interest up to 20kb
    • TARGATT™-iPSC-iNK Platform for Cancer Immunotherapy Research (CAR-iNK & CAR-iT Cells)
    • TARGATT™-iPSC Platform for NeuroScience
    • TARGATT™-iPSC Platform for Regenerative Medicine
  • Custom TARGATT™ Cell Line Generation
    • Use TARGATT™ to generate your own "Master" cell line
  • iPSC GMP Grade
  • Specialized in HA and HB gene editing and gene therapy
    • A novel liver specific promoter yielding high protein expression
    • Novel codon optimized HA/HB DNA sequence  


  • TARGATT™-CHO cell with large protein insertion at a safe harbor locus with stable protein production in a cost and time-saving manner.
    • Multiple hot spots are available
    • Use existing TARGATT™-CHO-K1 master cell line
    • Generate customized TARGATT™-CHO in your own preferred cells 
  • TARGATT™ Rabbit for protein production

Cell-based Antibody Library

  • TARGATT™ system for stable protein expression at a defined safe harbor locus
    • At a pre-defined locus
    • Insertion with a single copy 
      • High integration efficency (HEK293: >40% without, >90% with drug selection; CHO: ~18% without, >90% with drug selection)
    • An ideal platform for generating stable cell line libraries

 Transgenic Animal Model

  • TARGATT™ mouse/rat large fragment knock-in (up to 20kb) at a safe harbor locus for controlled copy number insertion and ensured high transgene expression
  • Cre-rat models
  • TARGATT™-Alt™ for large fragment knock-in at any locus in mouse/rat genome
  • A novel gene editing methods with increased knock-in efficiency in mice/rats

Our Partners

Applied StemCell, Inc. has partnered with university researchers, suppliers, and prominent biotechnology companies throughout the world. We are especially thankful for the opportunity to have worked with many organizations.