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Partnership and Licensing

Partnership/Licensing Programs

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Applied StemCell Technology


  • TARGATT™-CHO cell with large protein insertion at a safe harbor locus with stable protein production in a cost and time saving manner.
    • Multiple hot spots available
    • Use existing TARGATT™-CHO-K1 master cell line
    • Generate customized TARGATT™-CHO in your own preferred cells 
  • TARGATT™ Rabbit for protein production

Protein Screening

  • TARGATT™ system for stable protein expression at a defined safe harbor locus
    • At a pre-defined locus
    • Insertion with a single copy
    • An ideal platform for generating stable cell line libraries

Cell Therapy

  • Specialized in HA and HB gene editing and gene therapy
    • A novel liver specific promoter yielding high protein expression
    • Novel codon optimized HA/HB DNA sequence  
  • iPSC GMP Grade

Transgenic Animal Model

  • TARGATT™ mouse/rat large fragment knockin (up to 20kb) at a safe harbor locus for controlled copy number insertion and ensured high transgene expression
  • Cre-rat models
  • TARGATT-Alt™ for large fragment knockin at any locus in mouse/rat genome
  • A novel gene editing methods with increased knock-in efficiency in mice/rats

Our Partners

Applied StemCell, Inc. has partnered with university researchers, suppliers, and prominent biotechnology companies throughout the world. We are especially thankful for the opportunity to have worked with the many organizations.