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    iPSC Skeletal Muscle Differentiation

Skeletal Muscle Differentiation

FAST & AFFORDABLE iPSC differentiation to Myogenin+ and MHC+ skeletal muscle-like cells. With our optimized protocols, we can produce top-quality, ready-to-use myoblasts (CD56, Pax7, Myogenin) and myotubes (alpha-MHC; a-MHC) ideal for in vitro disease modeling, drug screening, and cell regeneration research. We can even help you establish co-culture models with your other iPSC-derived cell lines. These skeletal muscle cells are a physiologically relevant alternative to embryonic stem cells, primary cells, and animal models. 

  • High-purity
  • Integration-Free Differentiation Protocol
  • Differentiation from iPSC derived from healthy or disease patient samples
  • Fast turnaround time

Looking for iPSCs to genetically modify and further differentiate into skeletal muscle cells? We offer fully customizable iPSC generation from human or non-human tissue samples, and our genome editing experts can use CRISPR or TARGATT™  to genetically alter the iPSCs to fit your project requirements. If you need to expedite your experimental timeline, ASC also offers ready-to-use iPSC-derived myoblasts. Contact us today to find the best solution for your immunotherapy projects.

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