• Safe Harbor Knockin in iPSCs
    • Large transgene insertion
    • Fast and site specific
    Safe Harbor Knockin in iPSCs

TARGATT™ Master iPSCs for Safe Harbor Knockin


Applied StemCell’s offers custom knockin cell line generation service using its TARGATT™ Master iPSC Line that enables transgene knockin (even large transgenes) into a preselected safe harbor locus:

  • High efficiency, unidirectional integration
  • Site-specific, stable knock-in
  • Single copy gene integration into safe harbor locus
  • Gene expression from an active, intergenic locus
  • Master cell line generated from our well-characterized iPSC lines with proven differentiation capability
  • No disruption of internal genes
  • Downstream differentiation service available

The knockin cell lines generated using TARGATT™ are ideal for directed-differentiation to cell lineages, gene overexpression, reporter/ tag insertion, conditional expression cell line models and isogenic cell line generation.

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