• TARGATT™ Knock-in iPS Cells
    • Large Transgene Insertion
    • Site specific & Single copy
    TARGATT™ Knock-in iPS Cells

TARGATT™ Master iPSCs for Safe Harbor Knockin

TARGATT™, Applied StemCell's (ASC) proprietary, site-specific knock-in technology, enables single-copy integration of large transgenes (up to 22 kb) at a pre-selected safe harbor locus with very high efficiency. At ASC, we integrated our TARGATT system into iPSCs and developed the TARGATT™ Master iPSC Line for site-specific knock-in. The master line contains an "attP" landing pad in the H11 safe harbor locus. When used with an "attB" gene of interest (GOI) vector and integrase expression, the GOI is inserted at the safe harbor locus, which is located in an intergenic region. The knock-in cell line is ideal for gene overexpression, reporter/tag insertion, conditional expression cell line models, and isogenic cell line generation projects.

We offer custom knock-in cell line generation service using the TARGATT™ Master iPSC Line at an affordable price.

  • High efficiency, unidirectional integration
  • Site-specific, stable knock-in
  • Single copy gene integration into safe harbor locus
  • Gene expression from an active, intergenic locus
  • Master cell line generated from our well-characterized iPSC lines with proven differentiation capability
  • No disruption of internal genes
  • Upstream TARGATT™ Master Cell Line Generation & Downstream differentiation service available
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