Cardiomyocytes Differentiation

 iPSC Differentiation to Cardiomyocytes

Applied StemCell, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of service to ips cell differentiation into cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes using our proprietary induction protocol and reagents. We provide ready to use, high purity (>90%), functional cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes differentiated from iPSC. These differentiated cells provide a highly desirable in vitro platform for high content toxicity and drug screening and as a feasible alternative to animal and embryonic stem cell models. 

We can generate differentiated cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes from:

(1) your own pluripotent cell lines and specification

(2) healthy or disease iPSCs


iPSC Differentiation to Cardiomyocytes


1. Recovery, Expansion and Validation of iPSCs/ESCs  (6 million cells), approx. 3 weeks

2. Cardiomyocytesl Differentiation (5 x10^6 Cells), approx. 2-4 weeks

3. Characterization of Progenitor Cells/ Differentiated Cells by ICC (2 markers: anti-TNT; anti-SMA staining) 2-4 days


1. 5 frozen vials of cardiomyocytes (1 million cells/vial). 

2. Report:

  • Phase contrast images for: parental iPSC lines provided by the end user after expansion
  • Videos: beating cardiomyocytes differentiated from each parental line
  • ICC images (after thaw) for cardiomyocytes differentiated from each parental line provided by the end user: anti-TNT, anti-SMA
  • Freeze-thaw viability and mycoplasma testing

 iPSC Differentiation to Blood Lineage Cells:

Also, ask us about directed differentiation of your iPSCs into hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and blood cells. Avoid sourcing problems associated with HSC procurement, and have a consistent and continuous source of mature human blood cells that are otherwise hard to obtain and maintain. 

Applications: hematopoiesis, cancer immunotherapy, autoimmune diseases/ transplant graft rejection, and drug screening.

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