• GEMM Mouse Models
    • 2000 models available
    • AAALAC, worldwide shipping
    GEMM Mouse Models

Other Gene Edited Mouse Models (KO, CKO)


With 13+ years of experience in genetically engineering mouse models (GEMM), Applied StemCell offers a wide-range of ready-to-use, constitutive knockout (KO) and conditional knockout (CKO) mouse models targeting various genes, with some very unique models available only here. Our GEMM catalog also includes reporter/ tag knock-in, inducible expression mouse models and other tool mice, to expand the scope of your research and screening applications.

  • Genetically validated models
  • Majority of the lines are in the C57BL/6 background
  • Facilities operated under the strict AAALAC, SPF and IACUC guidelines
  • Can be shipped worldwide
  • Valuable research tools for genetics research, disease modeling and drug screening
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1. Do the R26-(CAG-LSL-human ACE2-IRES-tdTomato) mice express ACE2 in any cell expressing CRE? Do you need FLP expressed in the same cell?