Dopaminergic Neurons

The development of the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology and its further differentiation into various post-mitotic somatic cell lineages, especially neuronal lineage cells and dopaminergic neurons, has overcome a major bottleneck in neuroscience research by providing biologically relevant in vitro models to screen drugs for neuroprotection and movement-disorder therapy.

Applied StemCell provides fully customized service to differentiate your iPSCs into neural stem cells (NSCs) and further into dopaminergic (DA) neurons. We can derive DA neurons from control, disease, engineered iPSCs. We will provide you with high purity, iPSC-derived dopaminergic precursors or functionally mature cells, including detailed maturation and maintenance protocols, our well optimized dopaminergic neuron maturation media and supplements. These neurons can be maintained long term in culture (up to 40 days).

Dopamine Neuron Differentiation Service




1. Recovery, Expansion and Validation of iPSCs/ESCs (If providing iPSCs as source)

 2-3 weeks

Biweekly updates throughout service

2. Neural Stem Cells Differentiation & characterization (if providing iPSCs as source)

 2-5 weeks


3. Differentiation to DA neuron precursors

 1-2 weeks

 2-6 x 10^6 cells/line; cryopreserved

4. DA neuron maturation (optional)

3-5 weeks

2-6 x 10^6 cells/ line; cryopreserved

5. DA neuron characterization

1 week

Final report; High resolution images

 Standard Deliverables:

  • DA neuron precursor cells and/or dopamine neuron mature cells: 2-6 X10^6 cells /line, cryopreserved.
  • DA neuron maturation medium with supplements: 100 mL
  • Reports: DA neuron marker staining (anti-TH antibody) and mycoplasma testing
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