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    Rosa26 Knockin Mouse Models

Rosa26 Knockin Mouse Model

Safe Harbor locus knockin enables fast and site-specific insertion of genes into an intergenic, transcriptionally active locus such as the well-defined mouse Rosa26 and Hipp11 (H11) loci. It permits insertion of large transgenes more efficiently than at a specific genetic locus, and overcomes problems associated with random insertion such as disruption of host genome and gene silencing, Safe harbor locus knockin mouse models are ideal for gene overexpression, gene knockdown, humanized gene knockin, inducible gene expression, and other applications. Applied StemCell’s has a thorough understanding of safe harbor knockin (Rosa 26, H11, others) with CRISPR, for a fast, site-specific knockin mouse model generation, including large transgene insertion (up to 10kb).


Insert Position Strategy Large Size (bp) Positive Rate
Rosa26 Cas9 18454 0.27%
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Knockin Model: Rosa26 Knockin Mouse Model

Rosa26 KI Strategy

Figure 1: Strategy of Rosa26 knockin mouse model

PCR Identification Image 1

PCR Identification Image 2

PCR Identification Image 3

Figure 2Agarose gel electrophoresis of PCR products. NO. 9 was the positive homologous recombinant F0 mouse. (number: the number of F0 mice;M: 1kb DNA ladder from Fermentas)

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