• iPSC Differentiated Human Retinal
    Pigment Epithelium (RPE)
    & Photoreceptor
    • High purity
    iPSC Differentiated Human Retinal<br/>Pigment Epithelium (RPE)<br/>& Photoreceptor

iPSC-Derived Human Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) & Photoreceptor Cells

iPSC-derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE)

Applied StemCell provides RPE cells differentiated from an integration-free, control human iPSC line. These cryopreserved, high-purity cells express high levels of RPE cell biomarkers, PMEL1, MITF, ZO-1, and RPE65.

iPSC-derived Photoreceptor Cells

We also provide high purity photoreceptor cells differentiated from well characterized control human iPSC lines.

What other characterizations have you done on iPSC-RPE (e.g., tight junction measurement, Zo-1 staining, POS phagocytosis, ABCA4 measurement, VEGF and PEDF secretion, retinoid profiling, microvilli at the apical side)?
Have the scientists done iPSC-RGC cells or other photoreceptor cells? Which type and what characterization?
Photoreceptor Cells: Which percentage are ROD cells? I see a RHO staining but few cells are RHO positive? What cell type are the other cells?
RPE: How many passages can be done in these cells? What is their doubling time? Do you have contamination of other cell types and if yes, in which proportion?
Could we proliferate the photoreceptor cells ?
Are the cells named Photoreceptor Cells (ASE-9715) photoreceptor precursors cells, and media from Applied StemCell (Photoreceptor Maturation Basal Media) differentiate the cell to maturated photoreceptor?
Is there maintenance media for maturated photoreceptors?
Can the maturated photoreceptors be passaged or stocked in cryovials?
"iPSC-Derived Human Photoreceptor Kit (African-American, Male Line) *10 kit minimum", does this mean I have to buy 10 vials at one time?
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