• Gene Edited iPSCs
    • Site-specific knockin
    • High expression locus
    Gene Edited iPSCs

TARGATT™ Master iPSCs and Knockin Kit for Site-specific Transgene Knockin

The TARGATT™ Master iPSC line is engineered from our well-characterized control human iPSC line, ASE-9211 (a NIST iPSC). The master cell line carries an “attP” integrase recognition landing pad in the H11 safe harbor locus. When used in conjunction with an “attB” containing donor plasmid and integrase expression, this master cell line enables site-specific integration of transgene (up to 20kb) with very high efficiency.

  • Higher efficiency than other comparable technologies
  • Site-specific: well-defined, transcriptionally active safe harbor locus
  • Unidirectional integration
  • Single copy integration
  • A valuable tool for generating reporter knock-in lines, for directed differentiation and gene overexpression in iPSCs.
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