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    iPSC Hepatocytes Differentiation

Hepatocytes Differentiation

Applied StemCell provides custom differentiation of your induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into high-quality hepatocytes for developing liver disease models, discovering therapeutic treatments, drug targets, and understanding drug induced hepatotoxicity.

Using our proprietary induction protocol and reagents, we can generate differentiated hepatocytes very efficiently and with high purity from your own healthy or disease iPSCs.

Our Hepatocytes Differentiation Service includes:

  • Expansion of a host-derived iPSCs
  • Progenitor cell differentiation
  • Characterization of progenitor cells
  • Terminal differentiation
  • Characterization of Progenitor Cells/ Differentiated Cells by ICC (per marker)
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Technical Details
Service Time
1. Expansion of host iPSCs  1-2 weeks
2. Progenitor Cell Differentiation  2-4 weeks
3. Characterization of Progenitor Cells  2-4 weeks
4. Terminal Differentiation (4X10^6 cells)  4-10 weeks
5. Characterization of Progenitor Cells/ Differentiated Cells by ICC (per marker)  2-4 days

iPSC Differentiation to Blood Lineage Cells:

Ask us about directed differentiation of your iPSCs into hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) and blood cells. Avoid sourcing problems associated with HSC procurement, and have a consistent and continuous source of mature human blood cells that are otherwise hard to obtain and maintain. 

Applications: hematopoiesis, cancer immunotherapy, autoimmune diseases/ transplant graft rejection, and drug screening.

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