Oligodendrocytes Differentiation Service from iPSCs:


 Figure. Immunocytochemistry for oligodendrocyte expression marker, GalC (red) and nuclear marker (DAPI).

Two Milestones/Project: Milestone 1 (item 1-4): OPC-OLIG2+ differentiation.

Milestone 2 (item 5-7): OPC-O4+ differentiation.

Standard Deliverables:

  • 5-6 million OPC-OLIG2+ cells, cryopreserved, 1 million cells/vial. 1 vial will be recovered for markers staining; 3-4 vials will be recovered for O4+ cells differentiation. 1 frozen vial can be delivered.
  • 2-3 million mixed population cells containing OPC-O4 cells, frozen or live cultures.
  • Reports: OPC-OLIG2+: Pax6 and OLIG2 staining; freeze-thaw recovery test, mycoplasma; OPC-O4+: O4 staining, and freeze-thaw testing result.
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