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ASE-6092BONCOREF™ FFPE Mutation Cell Block TP53 c.742C>T p.R248W (COSM: 10656)
ASG-1033-3Recombinant Human VEGF121
ARF-10003CTQuan-Plex™ Patient-like ctDNA Reference Standard
ARF-1001G-1Quan-Plex™ NGS Reference Standard
ARF-1002FQuan-Plex™ Molecular CytoPath Reference Slides
ASA-0001Goat-anti-mouse, 590 nm excitation
ASA-0003Goat-anti-rabbit, 590 nm excitation
ASA-0004Goat-anti-mouse, 488 nm excitation
ASA-0006Goat-anti-rabbit, 488 nm excitation
ASA-0110anti-Oct4 (h/m), monoclonal antibody
ASA-0120anti-Sox2 (h/m), monoclonal antibody
ASA-0135anti-SSEA-1 (m), monoclonal antibody
ASA-0150anti-SSEA-4 (h), monoclonal antibody
ASA-0160Anti-TRA-1-60 (h), monoclonal antibody
ASA-0170Anti-TRA-1-81 (h), monoclonal antibody
ASA-1011Anti-WNT-3a (h/m), polyclonal antibody
ASA-1012Anti-WNT-5a (h/m), polyclonal antibody
ASA-4010Anti-Nestin (h), monoclonal antibody, 800 µL, ready-to-use
ASB-0001AP Test Solution
ASB-0101Cell Fixation Solution
ASB-0102Permeabilization Solution
ASB-0103Blocking Solution
ASB-0104DNA Staining Solution
ASB-0105Anti-Quench Mounting Solution
ASCAP-0007Stem Cell miRNA Array
ASCAP-0171Human Wnt/b-Catenin Regulated cDNA Plate Array
ASCAP-0181Human Stem Cell Marker cDNA Plate Array
ASCFA-1003Stem Cell TF Activation Profiling Plate Array
ASCMA-0129Stem Cell-Specific miRNA Plate Assay Kit I
ASCMA-1003Stem Cell-Associated miRNA Plate Array Kit

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