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550-1CRISPR Cre-Rat with Wnt1-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
550-2CRISPR Cre-Rat with Wnt1-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
551-1TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with PDGFb-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
551-2TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with PDGFb-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
552-1TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with MOR23-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
552-2TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with MOR23-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
553-1CRISPR Cre-Rat with Pomc-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
553-2CRISPR Cre-Rat with Pomc-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
554-1CRISPR Cre-Rat with HB9-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
554-2CRISPR Cre-Rat with HB9-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
555-1CRISPR Cre-Rat With Drd1a-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
555-2CRISPR Cre-Rat With Drd1a-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
556-1CRISPR Cre-Rat With Gad67-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
556-2CRISPR Cre-Rat With Gad67-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
557-1TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with PAG-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
557-2TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with PAG-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
558-1TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with GFAP-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
558-2TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with GFAP-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
559-1CRISPR Cre-Rat with Tie2-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
559-2CRISPR Cre-Rat with Tie2-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
560-1TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with SMHC-CreERT2 Promoter (Embryo)
560-2TARGATT™ Cre-Rat with SMHC-CreERT2 Promoter (Rat)
561-1TARGATT™ Cre-Rat Reporter Line (Embryo)
561-2TARGATT™ Cre-Rat Reporter Line (Rat)
ASE-5901Autobioluminescent Human Colorectal Cancer Cells (HCT116)
ASE-5902Autobioluminescent Human Kidney Cells (HEK293)
ASE-5903Autobioluminescent Human Breast Cancer Cells (MCF7)
ASE-5904Autobioluminescent Human Breast Cancer Cells (T47D)
ASE-9007Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell (mESC) - C57BL/6-EZ
ASE-9101iPS Cells (iPSC from fibroblast, Male, Retrovirus)

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