ASC's Custom Services for Cell Line and Animal Model Generation, and Downstream Assays for Drug/ Toxicity Testing
TARGATT™ Mouse & Rat Model Generation Services & Products
Custom In Vivo Assay Services
Assays using Animal Models for Drug Discovery: Key Features; Available Test Battery  Page 1
Application Notes: Examples for Cardiac and Neurotoxicity Electrophysiology Assays  Page 2 


iPSC-based CNS Drug Efficacy and Neurotoxicity Testing
Neurotoxicity Drug Screening: Key Features; Available Test Battery  Page 1
Application Notes: Using available neurons and astrocytes from reporter iPSC lines and control lines  Page 2


iPSC-derived Neuronal Lineage Cells

Astrocytes Download PDF

Dopamine Neurons Download PDF

Mixed Neurons Download PDF

Genome Editing for Cell Line Model Generation
List of cell lines engineered by ASC for clients                                                                                                          Page1
CRISPR/Cas9 Knock-in, Knockout Cell Line Model Generation Service (with case studies) Page 2
CRISPR/Cas9 Blood Lineage Cell Line Gene Editing Service (with case studies) Page 3-4
CRISPR-Cas9 Expressing cell Lines Page 4
TARGATT™ Fast & Specific Knock-in Cell Model Generation Service Page 4
CRISPRCLEAR™ Cell Line Editing Kits Page 5
ONCOREF™ Reference Standards: MAPK Mutation Series (EGFR, KRAS and BRAF) Page 6

Other Custom Services: Custom FFPE Service, Custom Virus Packaging Service,

Cell Line Immortalization Service, and Vector Design and Cloning Service

Page 7-8
Primary Cell Lines Page 8


iPSC Generation, Disease Modeling, Mutation Correction and Differentiation
iPSC Generation Service & EZ-iPSC Generation Kits Page 3
iPSC Genome Editing & Disease Modeling Services; CRISPRCLEAR™ Genome Editing Kits Page 4-5
iPSC Characterization Service & Kits Page 6
iPSC Differentiation Services: Neural Stem Cell & Neural Lineage Differentiation Page 7
Pre-Differentiated Neural Stem Cells, Neurons and Astrocytes Page 8
Neurotoxicity Drug Screening Service Page 9
Related iPSC Cell Culture Products & Catalog Page 10-11


Genome Engineering of Mouse and Rat Models
Genome Editing Technology Overview                                                                                           Page 3
CRISPR/Cas9 Mouse Model Generation Services Page 4
TARGATT™ Fast & Site-Specific Knock-In Mouse Services Page 6
Do-It-Yourself Products! TARGATT™ Site-Specific Knock-In Mouse Page 7
CRISPR/Cas9 Rat Model Generation Services Page 8
TARGATT™ Fast & Site Specific Knock-In Rat Services Page 9
Cre-Expressing Rat Lines Page 9
Phenotype Evaluation, Drug Discovery & Drug Screening Services Page 10
Autobioluminescent Cell Lines & Vectors for CDX/PDX Model Page 11

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Custom Lentivirus & Retrovirus Packaging Service

Custom engineering of high quality, high titer recombinant viruses to target a variety of host cells                                                     


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