ASC's Custom Services for Cell Line and Animal Model Generation, and Downstream Assays for Drug/ Toxicity Testing


TARGATT™ Mouse & Rat Model Generation Services & Products


Custom In Vivo Assay Services 

Assays using Animal Models for Drug Discovery: Key Features; Available Test Battery  Page 1
Application Notes: Examples for Cardiac and Neurotoxicity Electrophysiology Assays  Page 2 


iPSC-based CNS Drug Efficacy and Neurotoxicity Testing

Neurotoxicity Drug Screening: Key Features; Available Test Battery  Page 1
Application Notes: Using available neurons and astrocytes from reporter iPSC lines and control lines  Page 2


iPSC-derived Neuronal Lineage Cells

Astrocytes Download PDF

Dopamine Neurons Download PDF

Mixed Neurons Download PDF

Genome Editing for Cell Line Model Generation: 

List of cell lines engineered by ASC for clients                                                                                                          Page1
CRISPR/Cas9 Knock-in, Knockout Cell Line Model Generation Service (with case studies) Page 2
CRISPR/Cas9 Blood Lineage Cell Line Gene Editing Service (with case studies) Page 3-4
CRISPR-Cas9 Expressing cell Lines Page 4
TARGATT™ Fast & Specific Knock-in Cell Model Generation Service Page 4
CRISPRCLEAR™ Cell Line Editing Kits Page 5
ONCOREF™ Reference Standards: MAPK Mutation Series (EGFR, KRAS and BRAF) Page 6

Other Custom Services: Custom FFPE Service, Custom Virus Packaging Service,

Cell Line Immortalization Service, and Vector Design and Cloning Service

Page 7-8
Primary Cell Lines Page 8


iPSC Generation, Disease Modeling, Mutation Correction and Differentiation:

iPSC Generation Service & EZ-iPSC Generation Kits Page 3
iPSC Genome Editing & Disease Modeling Services; CRISPRCLEAR™ Genome Editing Kits Page 4-5
iPSC Characterization Service & Kits Page 6
iPSC Differentiation Services: Neural Stem Cell & Neural Lineage Differentiation Page 7
Pre-Differentiated Neural Stem Cells, Neurons and Astrocytes Page 8
Neurotoxicity Drug Screening Service Page 9
Related iPSC Cell Culture Products & Catalog Page 10-11


Genome Engineering of Mouse and Rat Models: 

Genome Editing Technology Overview                                                                                           Page 3
CRISPR/Cas9 Mouse Model Generation Services Page 4
TARGATT™ Fast & Site-Specific Knock-In Mouse Services Page 6
Do-It-Yourself Products! TARGATT™ Site-Specific Knock-In Mouse Page 7
CRISPR/Cas9 Rat Model Generation Services Page 8
TARGATT™ Fast & Site Specific Knock-In Rat Services Page 9
Cre-Expressing Rat Lines Page 9
Phenotype Evaluation, Drug Discovery & Drug Screening Services Page 10
Autobioluminescent Cell Lines & Vectors for CDX/PDX Model Page 11

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Custom Lentivirus & Retrovirus Packaging Service:

Custom engineering of high quality, high titer recombinant viruses to target a variety of host cells                                                     


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