TARGATT™ Site-Specific Knock-in Cell Line Service

TARGATT™ Fast and Site-Specific Gene Insertion in Mammalian Cell Lines
Do you need a precise comparison of different genes from more than one cell line? Do you want to generate a master cell line expressing different reporter genes? TARGATT™ provides transgene expression and a knock-in cell line in one step.
Generation of TARGATT master knock-in cell line with attP docking sites allows:
  • Site-specific integration at pre-defined loci.
  • High integration efficiency with no disruption of endogenous genes
  • Single-copy integration and stable expression
  • Single-step transfection to create stable cell lines 
  • No massive clone screening required
  • Inclusion of large transgenes up to 20 kb
Applied StemCell is now providing a TARGATT master knock-in cell line generation service
  • You send us your favorite cell lines
  • We will insert the attP docking sites at specific loci
  • Fast: get your transgenic cell line in 3 months!
Need Site-Specific Knock-in of iPSCs? Applied StemCell can do that too!
Site-Specific Knock-in of TARGATT™ sites
mCherry red image - Knock-in Cell Line- human iPSC line Original cell line image - Knock-in Cell Line- hiPSC
Figure: Using mCherry reporter (left) in human iPSC line. Original Cell Line: hiPSC (right).


FAQ for Gene Knock-in Technology and TARGATT™ Master Knock-in Cell Line Service

1. I am interested in making a master TARGATT™ cell line using my own cell line as a parental cell line. Can you take my cancer cell line, for example, to generate a master cell line using your service?


2. What is the Gene Knock-in Technology used to generate master cell lines?

We use CRISPR/Cas9 to generate master cell lines by inserting TARGATT™ attP sites at a desired locus.

3. How long does it take to make a master cell line?

3-5 months, depending on the nature of the cell line.

4.  Is there a size limit on DNA to be inserted into the genome (to attP site)?

So far we have successfully inserted a transgene of 20kb using this method.

5. What is the final deliverable product?

We ship at least 2 vials, each at 0.5x10^6 cells/vial, cryopreserved cells per clone with a report of the project. Additional clone(s) and vial(s) are available upon request.  For fee-for service projects, you can also have the CRISPR and TARGATT™ vectors upon request.

6. What safe harbor loci are available to place the TARGATT™ docking site? Can you recommend one for my cell lines?

We have several ready-to-use safe harbor loci to choose from. They are Rosa26, H11, and AAVS1. Docking site insertion can be customized to other loci base on your project.

7. I got my master cell line. Do you provide plasmid so that we can construct Knock-in vector with our gene of interest?


8. Do you have off-the-shelf TARGATT™ Master cell lines?

Currently, we have human iPSC and mouse C57/BL6 ESC and iPSC lines. CHO cells will be launched soon. We are happy to discuss for other cell lines as Custom Cell Line Services.



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Advantage of Hipp11 (H11) locus

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