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GMP & GMP-Like Plasmid Manufacturing


GMP-Grade GMP-Like Research-Grade

Lower the cost and expedite your project timeline with Applied StemCell's complete GMP/GMP-like plasmid DNA development platform. At ASC, our team can design and optimize your vector, provide expansion and banking services (working and master cell banks), and perform comprehensive QC checks prior to product delivery. 

Whether you need plasmid DNA for your drug discovery research or pre-clinical studies, ASC has you covered! If you would like to learn more about how you can start building your unique plasmid DNA, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


  • Tech transfer,  optimization, cell banking with 24/7 monitoring, and adequate QC checks
  • From RUO to Commercial stage
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Research, GMP-like & GMP Grade
  • pDNA formats: frozen glycerol stock or stabs for cultures 
  • Inquire about pDNA formats we accept
  • Fully customizable service


  Research Grade GMP-Like GMP
Vector Characterization Yes Yes Yes
Optimization (e.g., vector, culture conditions, etc.) -- Yes Yes
Cell Banking (Working & Master Cell Banks) -- Optional Yes
Quality - GMP Guidelines -- Yes Yes
Documentation -- Yes Yes
Segregated Production -- Yes Yes
Aseptic Process On Downstream -- Optional Yes
Designated cGMP Suite (Cleanroom) -- -- Yes
Environmental Monitoring -- Yes Yes
Storage & Retention Optional Optional Yes
Deliverables Include Comprehensive QC Analysis -- Yes Yes
Products and Services
Technical Details

GMP & GMP-Like Quality Control Analysis

QC Method
A260/280 Ratio Purity UV
Appearance Visual Inspection
DNA Homogeneity EtBr AGE
Endotoxin LAL
Identity RE Digest AGE
Plasmid Identity Sequencing (Nanopore) whole plasmid
Residual Host Genomic DNA qPCR
Residual Host Protein Qubit Protein
Residual Host RNA Qubit RNA
Sterility USP <71>
Mycoplasma USP<63>

*** What's the difference? GMP projects are conducted in a designated cGMP suite (Cleanroom).


Research-Grade Quality Control Analysis

QC Method
A260/280 Ratio Purity UV
Concentration --


Application Notes
Areas of Application
CAR-T/CAR-NK Therapy DNA Synthesis
Genome Editing (CRISPR/TARGATT) Transfection
Screening Viral Vector
Cloning mRNA Production
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