iPS Cells (Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) & ESCs

iPSC Cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) as well as mouse embryonic stem cells.

iPSC/ ESC Cell lines: Applied StemCell’s iPSC cell line catalog includes footprint-free human iPSCs (hiPSCs) reprogrammed from fibroblasts, adipocytes and PBMCs from healthy and diseased patients. These hiPSCs are fully characterized for pluripotency and can be readily used for ips cell culture applications and for differentiation into cellular lineages of choice.

The ASC stem cell catalog also includes iPSCs derived from mouse, pig and guinea pigs using episomal or retroviral reprogramming methods, and various mouse ESC lines that have been tested for successful germline transmission.

ESC/ iPSC Cell Culture Products: Applied StemCell also supports its iPSC pipeline with medium and supplements for optimal and robust iPSC cell culture. Our catalog includes media for culturing human and mouse iPSC/ ESCs, including ESC- qualified FBS and serum/ feeder-free (SFFM) medium.