• GMP-Compliant TARGATT™ Master iPSCs
    • GMP iPSC For GOI Knock-in (up to 20 kb) & Differentiation
    • CNS Drug Development
    GMP-Compliant TARGATT™ Master iPSCs

Knock-In Ready GMP TARGATT™ iPSCs

Are you looking for a powerful cell line that permits the safe and efficient insertion of large DNA fragments for your drug development projects? ASC's GMP-Compliant TARGATTTM Master iPSCs are ready for site-specific knock-in of any gene of interest (GOI) up to 20 kb. The enhanced iPSCs were derived from ASC's GMP iPSC Line, ASE-9280. These high-quality iPSCs contain a pre-engineered landing pad where unidirectional gene insertion occurs when facilitated by a unique TARGATTTM integrase. In addition, the TARGATTTM Master iPSCs can be further differentiated into various lineage-committed cell types (e.g.,  neural progenitor cells, astrocytes, dopaminergic neurons, cortical neurons, and more). Would you like to learn more about ASC's iPCs or TARGATTTM technology? Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

  • Engineered from ASC’s GMP grade iPSCs using TARGATTTM (No CRISPR)
  • All reagents are CGT grade (animal, serum-free)
  • Documentation and QC/QA follow GMP SOP
  • Certificate of Analysis provided upon request
  • All testing follows GMP requirements
  • License-ready  
  • GMP-Matching TARGATTTM iPSCs are avialble

Don't need GMP-compliant TARGATTTM iPSCs? Explore our complete GMP iPSC Manufacturing Service Platform and discover the cell line or custom service option that best works for you. We offer off-the-shelf GMP iPSCs that can be genetically modified (CRISPR or TARGATTTM) and differentiated. ASC also offers iPSC expansion (from ASC's control line), iPSC gene editing (+ expansion), iPSC differentiation, master/working cell banking, and more!


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