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Stem Cell Research and Development (R&D) Studies

Applied StemCell (ASC) offers end-to-end induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based services from reprogramming to differentiation. iPSCs are a powerful tool that can be incorporated into your basic research, drug discovery, drug screening, preclinical cell regeneration projects, and more. ASC first established its iPSC platform 12 years ago and has continuously worked to optimize its protocols and procedures. ASC's comprehensive iPSC platform offers you affordable and effective solutions for your iPSC-related projects so you can focus on research.

We can generate your iPSCs from human (e.g., PBMCs, fibroblasts, etc.) or non-human samples using highly optimized feeder-free protocols. Furthermore, ASC's scientists are seasoned genome editing and differentiation experts that can work with you to generate the iPSC disease in vitro models that fit your project requirements. Unlike other iPSC service providing companies, ASC's iPSC platform includes its proprietary TARGATT™ gene-editing technology which allows you to benefit from fast and site-specific, stable integration of large DNA fragments at transcriptionally active safe harbor loci (H11 or ASC2). During your free consultation, our expert scientists can help you select the appropriate services and technologies and design the most efficient project outline so you save time, money, and effort!

iPSC Generation Services

iPSC Genome Editing (CRISPR)

TARGATT™ Genome Editing

iPSC Differentiation Service

In addition, ASC offers extended preclinical research and development services, including drug screening of your therapeutic candidates in iPSC-derived cell lines, as well as characterization and assay development for cell regenerative and cell-based therapy projects.

iPSC Characterization Service

Drug Toxicity and Efficacy Testing

Cell-Based Assays

Custom In Vivo Assay Services

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Cell-Based Assays

ASC offers a diverse set of iPSC-derived cell-based assays that can be used to screen your early-stage drug candidates:


Types of Assays

Estimated Timeline

Cytotoxicity & Cell Viability Assays

MTT/ MTS cell proliferation assay

LDH, Necrosis and Apoptosis assays

Luciferase (bioluminescence) expression

cAMP level measurement

4-6 weeks

Mitochondrial Toxicity Testing

Enzyme activity

Volume fraction detection

2-4 weeks

Functional Assays

Calcium influx/ imaging

Electrophysiology: Multielectrode array (MEA) analysis and Patch clamp recording

8-12 weeks

Quantitative Gene Expression


RNA-seq using NGS (next generation sequencing)

2-8 weeks


Neurite growth assay

Biomarker screening

2-4 weeks

Custom Assays

iPSC generation; characterization; gene editing; differentiation

Custom assay development

Based on project requirements

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