• FFPE Animal Tissue Arrays
    • Customize: Core Size, Atypical Shapes & Orientation
    • Combined Tissue and Cell Pellet Array
    • Alternative "Stick" Service
    FFPE Animal Tissue Arrays

FFPE Animal Tissue and Arrays

While fresh and frozen animal tissue samples are available for purchase, Applied StemCell provides custom FFPE animal tissue and array services. In-house, we harvest mouse and rat liver, brain, lung, kidney, heart, and other tissue samples that can be used to generate unique arrays, but we have the capacity to create custom arrays from the tissue samples you provide. We offer standard and alternative services. The standard “surface tissue” array service includes the “core punch method” that allows you to select the core quantity, the core sizes, and any orientation. Since the tissue sample thickness limits the final array width, we also offer an alternative service option that involves “tissue sticks.” The “tissue stick” option gives you more control over the length and width of thin samples. Because we cut the tissue into “sticks” (horizontal position) and invert them (vertical position) to develop the array, the length of the “stick” determines the thickness of the array. In addition to custom animal tissue-only arrays, we can produce combined arrays that contain both cell pellets and tissue. Whether or not you know which array service works best for you, our team of experts can help you determine which array type meets your requirements during your free consolation.

Service Includes

  • Customization Options: number of cores, size of cores, and the orientation
  • Standard “Tissue Surface” and Alternative “Tissue Stick” Array Services
  • We provide mouse and rat samples, but you can send in your tissue samples for your custom array
  • Optimized selection and storage procedures that ensure we deliver high-quality tissue blocks and slides
  • Fast & Affordable

FFPE Cell Pellet Blocks, Slides, Scrolls, and Arrays! Maybe our FFPE cell pellet services are a better match for your studies. Visit our service page to learn more.

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