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    Primates, Pig, and Mouse iPSCs

iPSC Generation From Non-Human Species

Animal iPSC reprogramming is reaching new heights with advancements in iPSC technology. Non-human iPSCs have the potential to benefit several areas of research, including animal model development for biomedical research, the revival or conservation of wild animal species, cellular agriculture, the genetic modification of livestock, and biobanking.

Applied StemCell (ASC) has been at the forefront of pluripotent stem cell technology for more than 12 years. We offer our expertise and knowledge to assist in the development of your non-human iPSC reprogramming projects. Our team will integrate its optimized protocols into your detailed project outline, designed by our scientists, and deliver your iPSCs and final report in just a few months!

  • iPSC generation from mice, non-human primates, pigs, rats, shrimp, crabs, and more
    • Tissue Type: Blood or fibroblast
  • Integration-free (episomal/mRNA/viral-based) or retroviral reprogramming
  • Feeder-free protocols
  • iPSCs characterized for morphology and pluripotency markers - other select characterizations available
  • Fast turnaround time

Since large animal iPSC generation remains an experimental area, your assigned project manager will discuss potential generation strategies, possible deliverables, and final report details. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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