iPSC Differentiated Cells

We offer fully characterized iPSC-differentiated progenitors and differentiated cell lines derived from integration-free iPSCs using feeder-free culture protocols: Neural stem cells (NSCs), Neurons (Dopaminergic and Cortical neurons), Astrocytes, PBMCs and Cardiomyocytes.

  • Neural Stem Cells, Neurons & Astrocytes

    Applied StemCell’s ready-to-use Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) and neural lineage progenitors (astrocytes, cortical neurons and dopaminergic neurons) are derived from control human iPSCs using non-integrating episomal-based differentiation methods. Also, available are optimized media and kits for easy differentiation to high quality neural lineage cells.

  • iPSC-Differentiated Cardiomyocytes

    Ready to use, beating Human cardiomyocytes differentiated from normal and diseased iPSCs: Perfect in vitro tool for electrophysiology and biochemical assays, preclinical cardiac safety assessment, drug development, toxicity screening and genetic studies.

About Applied StemCell's Differentiated Cell Lines

Applied StemCell’s iPSC-derived cell line catalog includes progenitors and differentiated cell lines (neural lineage and cardiomyocytes) differentiated from integration-free iPSCs. The cell lines have been fully characterized for the expression of characteristic biomarkers using immunohistochemistry and for functional viability. Our neural lineage cells also have been validated by whole genome profiling to ensure cellular integrity and quality. 

Applications for iPSC Differentiated Cells:

Our range of cell lines are ideal for various applications in research, drug development and drug screening:

  • Disease Modeling
  • Drug target discovery
  • Neurotoxicity and cardiotoxicity drug screening
  • Drug efficacy testing for new cardiology and neurological drug candidates
  • Cell-based therapeutic research