• Full iPSC Characterization
    • Functional Pluripotency
    • Three germ layer lineages
    Full iPSC Characterization

Tri-lineage Differentiation

Functional pluripotency gold standards have traditionally been teratoma or embryoid body formation assays where the spontaneous differentiate capability of the pluripotent cells to cells of the three germ layers (endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm) is determined. A new standard for establishing the functional pluripotency of iPSCs/ ESCs is the directed-differentiation of the cells to the three germ layers (tri-lineage differentiation). The directed-differentiation elucidates the potential of the cells pluripotent cells to differentiate to specific lineages of interest in the three germ layers. Applied StemCell can provide this crucial characterization for your iPSC and ESC cell lines.

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