• GMP Grade MSC Services
    GMP Grade MSC Services

Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Services

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have the capacity of multi-direction differentiation making them an ideal cell therapy starting material. At ASC, we offer end-to-end stem cell solutions, including cell isolation, expansion and banking, characterization, and differentiation.

End-to-end MSC solutions for cell therapy manufacturing

  • Purification Service
  • Expansion & Banking Services
  • Characterization Service 
  • Differentiation Service

MSC Therapeutic Application

MSC Therapeutic Application

MSC Isolation, Expansion & Banking Service

  • MSCs isolation from adipose tissue, bone marrow, dental tissues, umbilical cord blood and stroma, placenta
  • MSC isolation and expansions processed in GMP cleanrooms
  • GMP production and documentation available for IND application and clinical trials

MSC Expansion Technology

Hyper Flasks Hyper Stack-12 Hyper Stack-36 Cell Factory

175cm2 x 10 layers:
~200 x 106 MSCs/unit

500cm2 x 12 layers:
~600 x 106 MSCs/unit

500cm2 x 36 layers:
~1800 x 106 MSCs/unit

632cm2 x 40 layers:
~ 2500 x 106 cells/Cell Factory

MSC Characterization 


MSC Differentiation

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