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    Gene editing & stem cell technology platforms to advance your immunotherapy, disease modeling, or bioproduction.
    • 15 off-the-shelf iPSC-derived products (NPCs, HPCs) and ready-to-use GMP iPSCs for cell therapy
    • Monoclonal antibody development & in vivo efficacy services with 2,000+ mouse models
    • Unique IP landscape, over 1,000 projects completed, and clients in 47 countries

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Customizable Services

iPSC Genome Editing

Well-established high-throughput protocols for complex or mainstream CRISPR genetic modification in healthy or diseased iPSCs.

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GMP Grade iPSC Services

New GMP-grade iPSC services and products are now available. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

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TARGATT™ iPSC-iNK Platform

Insert your specific CAR genetic material into our iPSCs at a safe harbor locus with an efficiency ~10x better than CRISPR and further differentiate your CAR-iPSCs to high-quality NK cells. 

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iPSC Generation Services

Efficient iPSC generation from healthy/disease patient samples for cell line modeling, drug discovery, and drug/neurotoxicity screening. 

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iPSC Differentiation Service

Standard and customizable iPSC differentiation to various lineage-committed cell types, including NK cells, T cells, HPCs, neurons, and more.

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Mouse Model Generation

Engineer advanced, physiologically relevant mouse models for your biomedical research or preclinical drug discovery research.

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Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Development

Optimized single B cell antibody discovery platform for high-quality rabbit or alpaca antibody generation. 

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TARGATT™ Cell Line Generation

Use our TARGATT™ technology to generate your ”Master” cell lines, reporter/tag lines, for iPSC generation, conditional gene expression models, and more.

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TARGATT™ Cell-Based Antibody Library Construction

Unique IP-based library for antibody discovery and screening: HEK293 and CHO. Custom antibody library construction available.   

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Cell-Based Assays

iPSC-based CAR-NK and T cell assay development services.

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FFPE Services

Fully customizable FFPE single-cell pellet and array services…

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Tissues & Primary Cells

Customizable human and non-human tissue collection and cell isolation services…

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Aug 3, 2021

ASC Receives Drug Manufacturing License from the California Food and Drug Branch | ASC
Milpitas, California, August 3, 2021 -- Applied StemCell, Inc's GMP facility is Now Fully Licensed and Ready for Drug Product Manufacturing. Applied StemCell(ASC), a fast-growing Gene & Cell Therapy CRO, today announced that the California Department of Public...

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