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With over 15 years of expertise in gene editing and cell products, Applied StemCell (ASC) is a leading end-to-end provider known for pioneering innovations. Our early achievements include generating gene-targeted animal models through CRISPR technology and our proprietary TARGATT™ platform.

ASC’s diverse team of experts is ready to assist in designing, engineering, and validating custom mouse models with rapid turnaround times and competitive costs. We also offer a catalog of 9,000+ ready-to-use, proprietary genetically engineered mouse models (GEMM) for immediate use in gene function, drug screening, human disease research, and preclinical animal studies.

Discover our range of services and how we can collaborate to create a comprehensive project plan tailored to your needs in cancer, immunotherapy, neurological or drug product studies.

Product Categories

Off-the-Shelf Mouse Models

  • Humanized immune checkpoint models
  • Cytokine receptor-related models
  • Immunodeficient models
  • Human disease models
  • Cre recombinase, reporter genes, and Cas9-expressing models

Custom Mouse Model Generation

  • Knockout/Conditional Knockout
  • Knock-in
  • Point Mutaion
  • Targeted overexpression
  • Random transgenic

Custom Preclinical Animal Studies

  • iPSC derived cell product in vivo safety studies
  • Animal pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics studies
  • Proof-of-concept functional studies
  • CAR-T/CAR-NK efficacy studies
  • Humanized PBMC and CD34+ models for biologics and cells

Your Trusted Partner for in vivo Services

  • Off-the-Shelf Mouse Models

  • Custom Mouse Model Generation

  • Custom Preclinical Animal Studies