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CRO Services

As a leader in genome editing and stem cell technologies, Applied StemCell provides ISO:9001 quality, customizable solution-oriented services for preclinical development. We offer customized drug discovery screening, downstream assays in animal models, cell line irradiation, and other custom research services so you can focus on the main aspects of your research. We will achieve your unique requirements by customizing each part of your project to fit the stage of your research.

CRO Services Categories

Cell Line Model Generation

Custom stable cell line model generation using CRISPR/Cas9 for disease , antibody validation, and drug screening.

Cell Line Model Generation

Cell-Based Assays

Customizable, comprehensive panel of cell-based assays to assays that validate, evaluate cell line function and behavior and more.

Cell-Based Assays

Drug Toxicity and Efficacy Testing

We offer custom in vitro disease models for safety and efficacy testing of early, preclinical screening of potential drug candidates.

Drug Toxicity and Efficacy Testing

Custom In Vivo Assay

Applied StemCell offers fully customizable platform for downstream assays in animal models.

Custom In Vivo Assay

Cell Line Irradiation

Applied StemCell offers custom gamma (g)-irradiation service for patient-derived, pooled, genome edited/corrected human and animal cell lines.

Cell Line Irradiation

Custom Services

We provide the following preclinical development services and support: Fibroblasts Immortalization, Custom Primary Cell Isolation, and FFPE Service.

Custom Services

Technical Details

Project Workflow: Initiation through Completion

Introduction to
Project Manager

- Primary point of contact during the course of the project
- Coordinates across scientific groups, and provides updates and official reports on project progress.

Project Kick-off

- Preliminary meeting with PM and scientists
- Ensure that objectives and expectations are aligned

Bi-weekly to Monthly
Conference Calls

- Regular meetings with PM and scientists
- Opportunity to communicate new data, troubleshoot challenges, and if necessary, adjust project specifications

Milestone and
Final Reports

- Finalize data transfer for intermediate milestones and overall project
- Work with client to transfer final deliverables

Committed to Excellence:

Meeting Our Customer Needs
High Quality Standard for Product & Services
Employee Safety & Growth Opportunities

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ISO 9001:2015      Cert # 1100091
ISO 13485:2016     Cert # 1100090


Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory
Studies Performed in a Manner Consistent with Principles of GLP
FDA 21 CFR Part 58
QA Review of Protocols


200+ Major Biotech and Pharmaceutical Clients
1000+ customers world-wide
AAALAC Accredited

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