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CRO Services

With >11 years’ experience in genome editing and stem cell technologies, ASC provides ISO:9001 quality, customizable solution-oriented services for advancing preclinical assay development and drug screening for cell and gene therapy pipelines and bioprocessing/ bioproduction:

  • In silico, in vitro and in vivo models for target discovery
  • Proof-of-concept studies, IND-enabling preclinical assay development including potency assay, dose ranging, biodistribution and efficacy studies in cell line and animal models for your drug discovery and screening applications
  • CMC consultation, titration, biologics analysis, and potency assay development, and more…

Customize each part of your project to fit the stage of your research.

CRO Services Categories

Discovery: Model
Generation & Validation

Reliable, custom cell line and animal models, AAV/ lentiviral vector designing, and validation assays for your early-stage cell/ gene therapy projects.

Discovery: Model
Generation & Validation

IND-enabling: Pharmacodynamics,
Efficacy Assay Development

Custom assay development for determining proof-of-concept for your CGT, efficacy, pharmacodynamics, biodistribution, and toxicity.

IND-enabling: Pharmacodynamics,
Efficacy Assay Development

CMC Support: Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Preclinical and non-clinical CMC support for investigational cell and gene therapy products.

CMC Support: Cell and Gene Therapy Development

Technical Details

ASC’s 11+ years’ experience in animal and cell line model genetic engineering and stem cell technology is a powerful resource you can leverage to advance your gene and cell therapy pipeline. Our mission is to equip biotechnology companies with a series of optimized tools for supporting therapeutic target discovery, drug screening, preclinical assay development, preclinical therapeutic development, and bioprocessing/ bioproduction.

Preclinical & Biologics Analysis: From Cell and Animal Modeling to Assay Development

Cell line models

Mouse models

Rat models


Vector building




Dose ranging 


In vivo assay development



Biologic analysis

Potency assay

Reference standards

DNA/RNA/Protein Analysis


CMC consultation

Cell line characterization

IND-Enabling Studies: We can help you navigate FDA’s increasingly regulated gene and cell therapy requirements from pre-IND, preclinical safety and efficacy requirements all the way to your IND filing. Our multidisciplinary think-tank will work you every step of the way to provide you with scientific consultation for study design development, regulatory compliance, safety and efficacy endpoint determination as well as preclinical custom services to engineer, characterize, validate and test suitable in vitro and in vivo models for target engagement and efficacy assays for your therapeutic candidates.

We can customize each part of your project to fit the stage of your research. Be it cell replacement therapy or adeno-associated virus (AAV) based gene therapy, we can help. Below is a selected list of assays/services that we can help you with:

In vitro and in vivo model generation and evaluation

Potency assay development (DNA/ RNA/ Protein)

Cell viability & Cell-based assays

Consultation for design of experiments

Vector infectivity & copy number testing

Proliferation bioassay

Proof-of-concept studies

Viral TCID50 titer


Titration and immunogenicity assessment

CMC consultation

Bioprocessing/ bioproduction

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Project Workflow: Initiation through Completion 

CRO Project Workflow


ISO 9001:2015      Cert # 1100091
ISO 13485:2016     Cert # 1100090

 Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory

Studies Performed in a Manner Consistent with Principles of GLP

FDA 21 CFR Part 58

QA Review of Protocols

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