Earn $500 Reward for Referring New Customers


Earn a $500 reward by referring new customers for Applied StemCell's animal and cell line model services.

Fill out an application form and send it to us via email or fax.

Email: info@appliedstemcell.com

Fax: (408)773-8238


Terms & Conditions Apply.

  1. The Applied StemCell (ASC) Referral Program Participant (Referrer) can receive a $500 (USD) reward refunded back to an existing account for successfully referring a new customer (Referred Customer) to ASC’s in vivo or in vitro services.
  2. A new customer is defined as a customer that has not used ASC in vivo or in vitro services for a minimum of 2 years.  A new customer can be from the same institution/ department but from a different scientific group than the referring party.
  3. The ASC Referral Program Participant MUST register the “Referred Customer” in order to officially join the ASC Referral Program. To register, the ASC Referral Program Participant MUST complete ALL DETAILS in the Customer Referral Application Form above.
  4. If ASC Referral Program Participant was or currently is an ASC Customer, be sure to provide Purchase Order (PO)/ account information in the Referral Application Form.
  5. In order for the ASC Referral Program Participant to receive the $500 reward, the Referred Customer must have a PO in place for a project of value more than $5,000 (USD), and must have paid the first deposit with ASC. Some restrictions apply.
  6. ASC will inform Referral Program Participant via email and/or a phone call after the Referred Customer has placed a PO and has made the first payment with ASC. The $500 (USD) reward can be redeemed immediately after notification. 
  7. The ASC Customer Referral Program is also available to new ASC customers. If the ASC Referral Program Participant is a New ASC Customer themselves, they may still qualify for the $500 reward, which will be credited towards any future service projects and/or product purchase with ASC.
  8. Only one reward redemption is applicable per new project. There is no limit to the number of rewards you can collect from the referral program. Please submit a separate application form for each referral.
  9. Please fill out application and send via email to info@appliedstemcell.com or fax to: (408)773-8238.
  10. Applied StemCell reserves the right to terminate the Referral Program at any time without prior notice.
  11. Please consult with ASC’s Business Development Team or email info@appliedstemcell.com for additional information regarding new ASC customer(s) and referral program terms and conditions.