Antibody Humanization Service

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Monoclonal Antibody Humanization Service Details

Humanized antibodies are designed using a proprietary humanization algorithm, and made by gene synthesis and fusion of humanized antibody variable regions with human antibody backbones.

Standard Packaging:

  • Ship 5x10^5 cells (half million); OR
  • Send in your sequences

Standard Deliverables:

  • Full Report - sequences of selected humanized
    antibodies (3)

Standard Workflow and Timeline:

The general procedure for antibody humanization:

  1. Hybridoma Sequencing (Hybridoma clonality report; Antibody subtype; Antibody sequences)   
  2. In Silico Humanization & Sequence Analysis: In this step, we analyze variable regions of heavy (VH) and light (VL) chains via structural modeling and design humanized variants (3 VHs and 3 VLs) and the candidates (chimeric antibody).
  3. Compare Original and Chimeric Antibody Expression: In this step, we provide a full report and 0.5mg of each purified antibody (total up to 16 humanized variants, without sequence information + original antibody if requested).
  4. Customer Activity Testing: You will test expression/purification of up to 16 humanized chimeric antibodies (+ original antibody) (ie., measuring antigen binding by direct ELISA). If desired, you can add our ELISA measuring service to your custom project (Optional Add-On).
  5. Final Step: We provide you with a comprehensive report, after producing the top 3 humanized antibodies (of the nine original) at >0.5mg each purified antibodies, together with the ELISA analysis and sequences of these 3 antibodies.

Optional Add-On: If desired, the customer can add Antigen-antibody Affinity Measurement Service by SPR (Biacore) or BLI-3 assays, the report will include both binding affinity and interaction kinetics.

Service Time
1. Hybridoma sequencing
4 weeks
2. In Silico Humanization & Sequence Analysis  1 week
3. Expression/Purification of Original and Chimeric Antibodies (up to 16 variants)
10 weeks
4. Customer Activity Testing (antibodies are sent to the client)
* Optional ELISA Testing 


*1 week

5. Full Report (includes the chosen antibodies (3))
1 week
~16-17 weeks