Cell Line Models

Custom Engineering of Your Master Cell Lines! Applied StemCell is one of the longstanding, premier providers of CRISPR/Cas9 service. and a leader in genome engineering technologies. With our experience in having engineered >1300 unique cell line models in >200 distinct mammalian cell lines, for researchers worldwide, we can genetically modify any mammalian cell line using proprietary multi-approach designing and optimized protocols to your specifications:

  • Customized deliverables (heterozygous/ homozygous mutations, footprint-free genome editing)
  • Variety of mutations: gene knockout/ knock-in (point mutation, reporter knock-in, promoter modifications, conditional gene expression, fusion gene and more
  • Generate master cell lines and isogenic cell lines
  • Most comprehensive start-to-finish stem cell technology platform

Our custom service also includes high quality service with dedicated project management for timely notifications and reports.

Cell Lines Categories: Cancer, Immortalized, Stem Cell (iPSCs, ESCs) lines; CHO cells; and even Primary cells

Applications: Immuno-oncology, antibody validation, antibody discovery, antibody screening, protein screening/ evolution, isogenic master cell line generation, disease modeling, drug target discovery and toxicity screening.

  • Stem Cells - iPSC and ESCs

  • TARGATT™ HEK293 Master Cell Line for Site-Specific Knockin

  • Cell-Based Assays

  • Cell-Based Drug Toxicity and Efficacy Testing

  • Bioproduction Services- High Yield CHO Cell Lines

  • Custom Services

    • Immortalization Service

      Applied StemCell offers patient fibroblast immortalization service via the simian virus 40 T antigen.
    • Custom Primary Cell Isolation Service

      Applied StemCell can isolate primary cells from fresh tissues, including from biopsy samples.

    • Cell Line Irradiation Service

      Applied StemCell offers gamma-irradiation service for irradiating cell lines (patient-derived, pooled, genome edited/ corrected cell lines) using a Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)-approved Gamma-emission source to irradiate cells at a constant dose rate and to any desired extent of radiation. Irradiated cell line models are novel toolkits for applications such as generation of co-culture models using non-dividing/ feeder cells; to study mechanisms underlying cancer progression; wound healing and inflammatory responses after irradiation; screen drugs for enhancing irradiation sensitivity of tumor cells; and for xenograft tumor models.

      Our Cell Line Irradiation Service includes:

      1. Cell line expansion/ harvesting
      2. Cell line Irradiation (customized extent of irradiation)
      3. Cryopreservation
    • Custom FFPE Service

      Looking for a fast and affordable custom FFPE block service? Applied StemCell can generate the FFPE block you need with your cell line. Our scientists can produce any number of FFPE blocks you need, and they can even make duplicate blocks of the same cell line if needed. If you have specific cell fixation requirements (e.g., cell fixant temperature, fixation time, etc.), simply let our team know and we will work with you to obtain your desired final product. Contact us today to learn more.  

      Service Overview

      Once we receive at least 1 X 108 of your cells, our scientist can move forward and prepare your FFPE block. If needed, we can culture the cells for you. Our scientists then follow our optimized protocols to fix the cells using buffered formalin (24 hours, typically) and embed your cells into a paraffin block. If requested (Optional), we can prepare FFPE slides or scrolls from the freshly made block we prepared for you. 


      • Turnaround time: 7 working days
      • We can culture your cell line
      • Optional Available Services
        • Custom FFPE Processing of Your Cell Lines
          • Slides: Single or Multi-Spot Capabilities
          • Scrolls
        • H&E Staining of Slides
        • Additional QC Testing

      Standard Price *price may vary based on the starting materials

      • Cell Pellet Manufacturing From Culture: from a standard cell line (HEK293, RKO) = $1,450.00 USD/block
      • Sectioning:
        • $12.00 USD/section for the 1st and 2nd section
        • 3 sections or more: $8.00 USD/section

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