Cell Line Models

Custom Engineering of Your Master Cell Lines!

As a leader in CRISPR/Cas9 and other genome engineering technologies, Applied StemCell has engineered > 1300 unique cell line models in > 200 distinct mammalian cell lines, for researchers worldwide, using proprietary multi-approach designing and optimized protocols. We can genetically modify any mammalian cell line with customized deliverables such as heterozygous/ homozygous mutations, fast turnaround time (as little as 2 months), dedicated project management for timely notifications and reports, and guaranteed high quality service:

    • Primary cells
    • Cancer cells
    • Immortalized cell lines
    • iPSCs, ESCs
    • CHO cells
  • Engineer a variety of mutations: gene knockout/ knock-in (point mutation, reporter knock-in, promoter modifications, conditional gene expression) and more.
  • Isogenic cell lines: genetically modify one or more genes in the same cellular genetic background and compare with a parental master cell line.
  • Applied StemCell also has the most comprehensive start-to-finish stem cell technology platform for all your stem cell needs.

Applications: immune-oncology, antibody validation, isogenic master cell line generation, studies to elucidate cellular and genetic mechanisms, drug target discovery and screening, and tissue engineering.

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