Cell Line Models

Custom Engineering of Your Master Cell Lines! Applied StemCell is one of the longstanding, premier providers of CRISPR/Cas9 service. and a leader in genome engineering technologies. With our experience in having engineered >1300 unique cell line models in >200 distinct mammalian cell lines, for researchers worldwide, we can genetically modify any mammalian cell line using proprietary multi-approach designing and optimized protocols to your specifications:

  • Customized deliverables (heterozygous/ homozygous mutations, footprint-free genome editing)
  • Variety of mutations: gene knockout/ knock-in (point mutation, reporter knock-in, promoter modifications, conditional gene expression, fusion gene and more
  • Generate master cell lines and isogenic cell lines
  • Most comprehensive start-to-finish stem cell technology platform

Our custom service also includes high quality service with dedicated project management for timely notifications and reports.

Cell Lines Categories: Cancer, Immortalized, Stem Cell (iPSCs, ESCs) lines; CHO cells; and even Primary cells

Applications: Immuno-oncology, antibody validation, antibody discovery, antibody screening, protein screening/ evolution, isogenic master cell line generation, disease modeling, drug target discovery and toxicity screening.

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