Behavioral Phenotyping and Pharmacology In Vivo

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Compare behavioral differences between transgenic mice/rat & wild type mice/rat

  • Pre-clinical data


Partnering with AfaSci Inc, Applied StemCell offers phenotypic and functional analysis of TARGATT™ Knock-in mice and conventional transgenic mice.

Selected services:

  • Home cage locomotion and motor coodination measurement
  • Open-field (traveling distance, speed, and rearing)
  • Rotarod and treadmill tests
  • Foot fault test


Social interaction test

  • Measurement of sociability (social novelty, and social recognition)



Sleep  monitoring and sleep deprivation

  • Noninvasive sleep assessment
  • Automated sleep deprivation
  • EEG/EMG recordings in advanced studies

We provide results in a variety of formats, including as raw data, summary reports, or customized reports. Please contact us for details and pricing.