Embryoid Body (EB) Formation and Characterization Service

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Service to confirm pluripotency and evaluate differentiation potential of human and mouse ESC and iPSC lines in vitro via Embryoid Body Formation and Characterization Assay 


  • A complete service that includes embryoid body formation and characterization to assess the pluripotency of your ESC/iPSC lines.
  • A fast and cost-effective alternative to the more stringent teratoma formation assay. Our turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks.
  • Ideal for rapid initial screenings or large sample screenings.

Service Includes:

  • Culture system to induce embryoid body formation
  • Collection and processing of EBs for staining (embedding, sectioning)
  • IHC staining of EBs for pluripotency markers
  • A full report containing high resolution, publication-grade images.


  • Ectoderm: Nestin, Beta III tubulin
  • Mesoderm: Desmin, Smooth muscle actin
  • Endoderm: Alpha fetoprotein

Please contact us if you require different or additional markers.