Genome Edited iPSCs (KO) PARK2-/- Differentiated DOPA Neurons*10 kits minimum

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1 vial (1 x 10^6)
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Applied StemCell's Human Dopaminergic (DOPA) Neurons are cryo-preserved, pre-differentiated dopaminergic neuron precursors derived from a genome edited PARK2-/- iPSC line, genetically engineered from a footprint-free, karyotype normal human iPSC line (cord blood-derived male iPSC line, ASE-9109). These precursors yield mature dopaminergic neurons using Applied StemCell’s optimized dopaminergic maturation medium and supplements (DOPA maturation media; ASE-9323DM). The DOPA neuron precursors can be seeded on various culture vessel formats including 96-well plates on either glass or plastic surfaces and cultured as adherent cells. Shortly after seeding, the cells proliferate slightly for up to 4 days and show extensive neurite outgrowth and proper neuronal morphology. In general, on Day 12-14 post-seeding, the cell population will contain >80% Tuj-1 positive neurons and >30% TH positive dopaminergic neurons.

Quality Control

>90% Tuj-1 positive; TH positive

Recovery of Frozen Cells

≥80% viability


≥1x106 viable cells/vial


Characterization Data for DOPA Neurons Derived from PARK2-/- NSCs

Dopamine Neurons Differentiated from Genome Edited PARK2 -/- iPSCs

Figure 1. Immunocytochemical analysis of PARK2-/- mature DOPA neurons. Red: TH; Green: Tuj-1; Blue: DAPI.

Genome Edited iPSCs PARK2-/- Differentiated