iPSC-Derived Human Myoblast Kit (African-American, Male Line)

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Applied StemCell has developed an efficient integration-free method to differentiate high-quality myoblasts from human iPSCs with further differentiation into myotubes and skeletal muscle cells. The differentiated myoblasts recapitulate the phenotype and functional parameters of primary and in vivo myoblasts.

We provide cryopreserved, myoblasts differentiated from an integration-free, control human iPSC line (ASE-9211), reprogrammed from fibroblasts of an African-American male donor. These high-purity cells express high level of myoblast biomarkers (CD56, Pax7, Myogenin) and form mature myotubes (skeleton muscle) characterized by elongated, multi-nucleated structures and the expression of myotube marker alpha-MHC in 4-6 days.