Neuron Maturation Media

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100 ml
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Neuron Maturation Media is serum‐free media designed to generate mature neurons using Applied StemCell’s optimized maturation medium and supplements. The neuronal differentiation process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the Neuron Induction Medium (ASE-9321NI) is used to differentiate neural stem cell (NSC) into neuronal precursors. In the second stage, the Neuron Maturation Medium (ASE-9321NM) is used to further differentiate neuronal precursors into mature, functional neurons and to maintain mature neurons in long-term culture (up to 40 days) (See Figure 1). Neuron Induction Medium (ASE-9321NI), control NSC (ASE-9234), and control neuronal precursors (ASE-9321) area available for purchase separately.


Figure 1.The process of neuronal differentiation using Neuronal Induction and Maturation Media

Characterization of Neurons at Maturity


Figure 3. Neuron morphology and immunostaining data at 10 days post-thaw. Tuj-1 (Neuronal Class III β-Tubulin) – green, GABA (GAMMA – AMINOBUYRIC ACID) - red