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The traditional CHO antibody production method and animal bioproduction methods are very inefficient because it involves random gene insertion and forced amplification of transgenes. Many factors adversely affect bioproduction levels. These factors include insertion sites effects (position effects), DNA repeat-induced gene silencing and genomic instability, altered regulation or interruption of endogenous genes.

Applied StemCell Bioproduction platform uses its proprietary TARGATT™ technology to express recombinant proteins that circumvents the disadvantages associated with traditional random insertion techniques. It features two efficient and high yielding methods: TARGATT™ CHO Master Cell Lines and TARGATT™ Rabbit for low-cost, high-yield and consistent protein expression that is easily scalable for large scale bioproduction. With our comprehensive bioproduction services and our extensive experience in engineering hundreds of cell lines and animal models, we can help you traverse your drug development process without stress. The TARGATT™ bioproduction platform is suitable for companies of all sizes and drug development applications.


  • CHO Cells

    Bioproduction CHO Cells - Site-specific transgene knock-in platform using TARGATT™ CHO Master Cell Lines.

  • Transgenic Animals - Rabbit

    Bioproduction in transgenic animals - Applied StemCell's animal bioproduction platform uses transgenic TARGATT™ Rabbit to express recombinant proteins with very high yield and consistency.