CD40 & 4-1BB (2)

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Strain Information

  • Catalog Number ASHU-200256
  • Model Name CD40 & 4-1BB (2)
  • Strain Name C57BL/6-Cd40em1(hCD40)Tnfrsf9tm2(TNFRSF9)/Asc
  • Mutation Type Humanized
  • GENE Synonyms IGM, p50, Bp50, GP39, IMD3, TRAP, HIGM1, T-BAM, Tnfrsf5, AI326936, ILA, Ly63, 4-1BB, Cd137, CDw137, AA408498, AI325004, A930040I11Rik
  • Human Orthologs CD40, TNFRSF9
  • Emsamble ID ENSMUSG00000017652, ENSMUSG00000028965
  • MGI ID 88336, 1101059
  • NCBI ID 21939, 21942
  • Background C57BL/6
  • Coat Color Black
  • Mutation Type Humanized
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Validation Data



Figure1. In vivo validation of double humanized CD40&4-1BB mice. Double humanized mice were inoculated with B16F10 cells, and randomly assigned to different groups (n=6) when the tumor grew to a volume of 80 mm3. A combinatorial treatment of anti-CD40 and anti-4-1BB inhibited tumor growth (top) without affecting the animal body weight (Bottom).

Immunotherapy, drug screening