Neural Stem Cells (NSCs)

Neural Stem Cells (NSC) are multipotent cells derived from iPSCs and ESCs that are self-renewing and have potential to differential into various cells of neuronal lineage. This makes them very attractive for in vitro patient-specific neuronal research whereby NSCs can be derived from patient-specific PSCs and further differentiated into CNS neurons and glial cells.

Applied StemCell also offers high quality NSCs and related products to help your neuroscience research. 

Human iPSC-derived Neural Stem Cells (ASE-9303)

Applied StemCell’s ready-to-use Neural Stem Cells (NSCs) are derived from human iPSCs under xeno-free conditions using non-integrating episomal-based reprogramming methods. Our approach bypasses a) the tedious manipulations required when generating neural epithelial rosettes, b) the heterogeneous nature of embryoid body formation, c) the use of poorly defined neural inducing stroma and d) expensive protein inducing reagents.  iPSCs derived from dermal fibroblasts were induced to differentiate into NSCs within six days with >90% effiency.  These NSCs retain their multipotency and neural markers even after cryopreservation and passaging (Figure 1).  These fully characterized NSCs at low passage (p1) can be further differentiated to the particular neuronal cell type of the investigator’s choice, thus facilitating studies in cell replacement therapies and neuronal disease modeling. 

  • NSCs derived from normal human iPSCs using feeder-free culture conditions
  • Low passage #
  • A fast generation, yet efficient neural induction protocol guarantees >90% purity
  • Quality controlled to ensure multipotency, NPC marker expression even after repeated freeze-thaws
  • Ideal for further differentiation into neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes

NeuroSure™ Neural Differentiation (ASM-4013) & NSC Culture Media (ASM-4014, ASM-4015)

Applied StemCell’s NeuroSure™ Neural Differentiation Media (ASM-4013) is a xeno-free medium that helps induce PSC differentiation into NSCs with high efficiency (> 90%) in just 6 days. By avoiding the conventional embryoid body formation step, this induction media saves time, labor and money while generating high quality NSCs. The medium also has a longer shelf-life and provides all the necessary growth conditions for differentiation of your PSCs to high quality NSCs. The NeuroSure™ differentiation medium is a specially formulated medium that increases the efficiency of neural rosette formation and neural expression markers, SOX1 and PAX6 (Figure 1), indicative of efficient neural induction condition and protocols.  The differentiated NSCs can then be cryopreserved and expanded without losing its phenotype and multipotency is assured by using the NeuroSure™ NSC Culture Medium (ASM-4014/ 4015)

  • New & improved! NSC differentiation and culture media affords faster differentiation into NSCs (< 1 week)
  • Feeder-free media components and protocols are ideal for drug discovery and cell therapy applications
  • NSCs derived with 90% efficiency
  • Longer shelf life
  • Maintains robust and proliferating NSCs
  • Healthy NSC phenotype, expression markers (SOX1, PAX6) and multipotency is assured when using the NeuroSure™ NSC culture medium

Figure 1. iPSCs can be differentiated to NSCs in feeder-free condition with high efficiency using Applied StemCell's proprietary neural induction protocol and Neural Differentiation media (ASM-4013) in < 1 week. Applied StemCell’s differentiated NSCs retain neural stem cell phenotype even after passaging and freeze-thaw under feeder-free conditions as evidenced by staining for NSC markers PAX6 and SOX2 and nuclear DNA (DAPI). Note: White arrows indicate distinctive neuronal rosettes. 

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