TARGATT™ Transgenic Kits

New! Upgraded Transgenic Kit (Version 2) and Protocols
The TARGATT™ Transgenic Kit is designed to create site-specific, knock-in transgenic mice at a defined chromosomal locus in a more efficient and significantly faster way over traditional methods. Each TARGATT™ Transgenic Kits contain enough reagents to complete 2 or 5 microinjections.
The kit contains:
  • TARGATT™ Integrase mRNA* (20 μL/ vial;; 2 (AST-1004) or 5 vials (AST-1003)
  • Control mRNA (20 μL)
  • Embryo-qualified miTE Buffer (1 mL)
  • Detailed protocols on how to use the kit
* Trangene-integration tested. Each vial is good for one round of microinjection

Addtional TARGATT™ components and kits needed but not provided with the kit:

We also provide custom service where we can do the microinjection for you and send you the mice. Please see our TARGATT™ Services.

Watch our "How-to Guide" video for a brief overview of how to generate your own transgenic knock-in mouse model using the TARGATT™ technology.


Support Materials


Description of the technology

Commentary, comparison with other transgenic methods

Tet inducible mice generated by TARGATT™

Advantage of Hipp11 (H11) locus

Applications for mice generated by TARGATT™

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