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Strain Information

  • Catalog Number ASHU-200009
  • Model Name NT5E-HU
  • Strain Name C57BL/6-Nt5etm3(NT5E)Asc
  • Mutation Type Humanization
  • GENE Synonyms NT, Nt5, eNT, CD73, 5'-NT, AI447961, 2210401F01Rik
  • Human Orthologs NT5E
  • Emsamble ID ENSMUSG00000032420
  • MGI ID 99782
  • NCBI ID 23959
  • Background C57BL/6
  • Coat Color Black
  • Mutation Type Humanization
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Expression of CD73 in the peripheral T cells collected from humanized CD73 mice were detected by FACS


Figure 1. The results showed that the expression of human CD73 can be detected in the peripheral T cells of humanized CD73 mice as same as in Hu-PBMC.

In vivo Validation of Anti-tumor Efficacy in a MC38 Tumor-bearing Model of Humanized CD73 Mice


Figure 2. In vivo validation of anti-tumor efficacy in a MC38 tumor-bearing model of humanized CD73 mice. Homozygous humanized CD73 mice were inoculated with MC38 colon cancer cells (expressing human CD73 rather than murine CD73). Mice were grouped when the tumor size was approximately 100 mm3 (n=6). Three human CD73 antibodies differently inhibited tumor growth, confirming that the CD73-HU mouse model is a powerful tool for in vivo CD73 antibody pharmacological efficacy study. A. Tumor average volume ± SEM, B. Mice average weight ± SEM.

Immunotherapy, Cancer research, Drug screening