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Strain Information

  • Catalog Number ASKI-18033
  • Model Name R26-(Gut-CYP3A4)
  • Strain Name FVB-Gt(ROSA)26Sorem1(Gut-CYP3A4-IRES-tdTomato)Asc
  • GENE Synonyms HLP; CP33; CP34; CYP3A; NF-25; CYP3A3; P450C3; CYPIIIA3; CYPIIIA4; P450PCN1
  • Human Orthologs CYP3A4
  • Emsamble ID ENSG00000160868
  • NCBI ID 1576
  • Background FVB
  • Coat Color White
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Intestinal expression of the CYP3A enzyme in the human body can cause significant intestinal metabolism of the compound, resulting in impaired drug absorption. This knock-in model was generated by inserting the human CYP3A4 cDNA driven by the Villin1 promoter together with the IRES-tdTomato reporter gene into mosue Rosa26 site, which can be crossed with the Cyp3a13 gene knockout and other Cyp3a family genes knockout mice to obtain intestinal-expressed CYP3A4 humanized mouse model in order to determine the contribution of intestinal metabolism to the absorption and distribution of test article.