Humanized PBMC Mouse Model (Female) (hu-PBMC-M-NSG) * Commercial Entity

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  • Catalog Number 598-1
  • Model Name Humanized PBMC Mouse Model (Female) (hu-PBMC-M-NSG)
  • Coat Color White
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Live Mouse
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General Information

PBMC humanized mice are effective model animals for infectious diseases, GvHD, CRS and immuno- oncology. These mice allow for the development of a functional  human immune system, and are mainly T cells, which are suitable for various studies that require T cell immune responses. Because of GvHD onset, PBMC humanized mice have a short window period for tests and are only term suitable for short- studies.



Validation Data


Figure 1: Humanized PBMC model using single donor.

(A) PBMC injection group design; (B) FACS analysis of human cells in mice PBMC; (C) Percentage of human cells.


Figure 2: Identification of human cells lineage in mice PBMC.

(A) Percentage of human CD3 in CD45; (B) Percentage of human CD33 in CD45; (C) Percentage of human CD19 in CD45.


Figure 3: Identification of human CD3+CD4+ and CD3+CD8+ T cells in mice PBMC.

(A) FACS analysis; (B) Percentage of subgroup.


Figure 4: Identification of human cell engraftment in mice spleen and bone marrow.

(A) FACS analysis for human cells; (B) Percentage of human cells; (C) Identification of CD3+ cells, CD33+ cells and CD19+ B cells in mice bone marrow and spleen; (D) Percentage of lineages in human CD45+ cells..


Figure 5: GvHD analysis.

(A) Body weight decrease indicate GvHD; (B) Mice GvHD phenotype.

Humanized PBMC Mouse Model (hu-PBMC-M-NSG) Timeline


Humanized PBMC and CD34+ Mouse Models - Mouse Repository - Animal Models - Research | ASC (


Study-ready cohorts of hu-PBMC humanized mice are provided upon request. We can ship to your institution or for enrollment in customized drug/antibody efficacy studies executed by our In Vivo Assay Services team. 

Shipment is for the US only. 

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