Photoreceptor Cell Differentiation Service from iPSC

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Photoreceptor Cell Differentiation Service Details

  • Standard
  • Fully Customizable Service - Inquire

Standard Packaging:

  • Ship 1-2 million iPS cells (1-2 cryovials; 1 million cells/vial); OR
    • With pathogen and SARS-CoV-2 test results
      • Optional Pathogen Testing Service is available
  • Select one of our Control iPS Cell Lines; OR
  • Let ASC generate your iPSCs from your human or non-human samples

Standard Deliverables:

  • 2 million differentiated cells 
  • Data & Report
    • Biomarkers: 
      • Standard: Rhodopsin
      • CRX, NR2E3, Tuj1, PPR6a - Inquire
  • Send us your iPSCs or take a look through our inventory of iPSC lines
  • We will differentiate the cells you need

Standard Workflow and Timeline:

Figure 1: iPSC generation through photoreceptor differentiation.

Turnaround time ≈ 3 months